Wrap Wearing Instructions
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Hi there! You are a proud owner of a Stephanie Blackford wrap! The easiest way to put on your new wrap is to grap the button and a leaf,put it around your shoulders and button. Then arrange the fabric with the button up by your left collarbone so the longest point of the wrap is just off the center of your body. At this point you can put the excess fabric around your neck to the back and snug the wrap down around your shoulders for the one size fit! If your wrap has a hood you can arrange the fabric around your neck to your taste,let it hang down the back,or wear it up. For a different twist try buttoning your wrap with the second leaf. This will give you more shoulder room if needed and extend the length of your wrap simultaneously! You can then thread a scarf or a long necklace through the first leaf to hang down the front of the wrap. Just get creative and Happy Wearing!

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